June 15, 2015

Gel nails An excellent alternative to acrylic nails

Gel nails are a specific type of fake nails that are made from acrylic UV gel, named for its characteristic property it is to react and harden to ultraviolet light. An alternative to acrylic nails. They have the advantage of being flexible, thin and bright.

Today gel nails are an alternative to acrylic nails and nail porcelain every day are taking more popularity. This is due to several reasons, one of the factors that makes women prefer gel nails the other options in the market is that gel nails are easy to put in comparison with the competition.

Advantages of gel nails

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Flexible, thin and shiny if you apply them correctly

Besides gel nails also they have the advantage of being flexible, thin and bright if they are applied correctly.

Another equally important factor is that compared with acrylic nails, gel nails are cheaper, so crave a wider market.

Place gel nails easier technique involves the placing acrylic nails since it is not necessary to mix powder and liquid.

Another reason why you put gel nails is preferred by women is that when you put them off no odor, unlike acrylic nails whose scent often displease some women.

How do gel nails are placed?

In this section we show a short course on how to place them. You need to have on hand your gel nail kit.

The process to place nails gel is as follows:

* The natural nail should not be long, contrary must be substantially flush with the finger

* The natural nail should be cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant and gauze

* You must file your fingernail across the surface and edges, being careful not to alter the natural form of it. At the end of the waste must be removed Filing

* Carefully should push the cuticle back very slowly. Cuticle oil is then applied

* It is important shagged after the natural nail artificial nail measure and compare with the natural nail to choose the number that best fits the size of your fingernail

* Lima gel nails above and along the sides to improve the size

* Then a drop of glue on the bottom of the artificial nail is applied. This type of nail sticking straight. The artificial nail should be placed about 45 degrees above the tip of the natural nail and then the must go slowly down to completely place

* Cut the false nail gel to desired length

* You must file the surface between the natural nail and the false to make the division of the artificial nail to the natural nail can not be seen

* You must disinfect the nail again with gauze

* In case of wanting to do any kind of pattern on the nail gel can be made

* If the gel is finish used without lamp should be placed a drop of gel over the nail and distribute along the same, preferably with a brush to achieve greater uniformity. Once well distributed gel nail should be sprayed with an activator to gel without lamp at a distance of 25cm and then a second layer is applied

* If the gel finish used is lamp should apply the gel in the same way, i.e. the gel should be placed and distributed along the nail, but in this case after applying the gel nails They should be introduced into the lamp by about 2 minutes

How do gel nails are removed?

It is also important to know how to remove gel nails because you can save an unnecessary trip to the salon with just follow these instructions:

* Take your gel nail kit and do not forget polish remover

* Remove all polish on your nails having, including the transparent layer, using ethyl polish remover

* Soak your nails in a small bowl polish remover acetate 5 to 10 minutes

* Check the texture of gel nails. When they are flexible and sticky they are ready to be removed

* Strip gel nails to remove them. You must work from the outer edge to the center. Do this step carefully and slowly. Do not try to force the gel nail because you can damage the natural nail. It is recommended that if no gel nail soak headquarters is the same in the polish remover

* After removing the gel rubs nail polish remover on natural nails to eliminate any excess stiffness

* Finally you can polish your natural nails to remove any irregularity or stiffness

And finally ... several points to remember:

* Gel nails are placed more easily than their counterparts acrylic and porcelain

* The gels can be of different colors and they can be placed ornaments to decorate nails

* Gel nails do not emit odor when placed

* Gel nails are shiny and flexible

* When placing gel nails do not need to mix powder and liquid unlike other types of artificial nails

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