May 26, 2015

How to do acrylic nails

How to do acrylic nails. We hope that this step will be easier to decorate an acrylic nail.

1. Materials Needed. Crystal Acrylic Powder, Ultra White Acrylic Powder, Bronze Organic color, Glitter Rock Star, the NFU of coracion Mini Glitter Slice in shades of chocolate, gold and bronze, and decorative items mermaid tail and Concha Nacar powder.

2. Mix decoration. First slice three tones are mixed in a cup of glass putting some Rock Star Glitter all in the same proportions mixed with acrylic crystal.

3. Preparation of natural nail. Metallic push cuticle pusher, remove the perijio, waste or dead cell cuticle. Smooth with an emery grain filing symmetrically or cut flush. With OCC Lima edge Zebra Blue remove shine gently filing the surface and apply Protein Bond.

4. Form of Sculpture. Take the small oval sticker and stick it on the back of the grid to give more strength to this area. Take thumbs ends Organic Form Sculpture and curvearla down to give the natural shape of the finger.

5. Reverse technique. Using Monomer, Acrylic Crystal and a Kolinsky Brush # 8 form an almond in the natural nail. Pearl put filling the cuticle area letting slip slightly to the growth area, marking the smile from that point.

6. Application of mixture of decoration. Perfect smile forming and leading the growth of the tip to the side to give a biased way to the nail, placing the other end of the tip acrylic crystal for decorative items.

7. Application of decorative items. Filling with pearl powder, perfectly covering the area of ​​the natural nail growth. Then placing some acrylic crystal at the junction of the shell pearl Glitters for decoration.

8. Cola Bell. Place mermaid tail gold tone throughout the nail on the binding of glitters and pearl from one corner of the area to the tip smile.

9. Package. Acrylic crystal is placed on the tip to encapsulate all the decor, giving the drying time later and give the finished file.

10. Termination 1st part. Once dry acrylic, take off the way, breaking on top. Check for nail shape is desired to move to the adjustment with lime.

11. Refiled. Refiled with Red edge, side and tip refill. To banish completely the imperfections of the nail, matching evenly to achieve the desired shape.

12. Removing excess. A Polishing Machine-Tool Pro accessory placed him as the Punta Carbide, and they eliminate the excesses in the cuticle area.

13. Refined. Refine edged past the White 180/180 Spongie across the fingernail polish. Remove excess powder with a brush for brushing manicure to the edge of the nail.

14. Cleaning. Withdraw excess dust with gauze and rubbing Finishing Wipe gently across the surface, in order to exercise extreme hygiene measures and remove debris 100%

15. Application Finish Gel. For an extremely bright and durable finish, apply a thin layer Gel Finish and then inserting the UV lamp.

16. Dry in UV lamp. Enter the nail UV lamp 6 watts for 2 minutes. During this time you can talk to your client and explain the advantages of Gel Finish.

17. Flor 3D. Once the lamp drying time is over, we get. Using Ultra Acrylic White and Bronze Organicolor well as Master Gel Brush elaborate a flower. Taking a bit of white acrylic and then just under bronze to form the flower petals in 3D.

18. Development of the Flower. From the center of the flower, the petals form a half moon with acrylic, thus creating the base. Posteriromente put more petals but more to the center and in the middle of the previous petals.

19. Finished the Flower. To finish the flower, place a small pearl in the center and making a small donates to shape the center of the flower. Then, place the leaves and cutting putting a pearl in the center and marking the lines with the brush tip.

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