February 28, 2015

Owl Nail Designs Step By Step for Short Nails

This time I bring the owl nail designs step by step which looks very good on short nails, long nails in I do not recommend it but that's a matter of taste. The creation of this design is very easy and is thought to do it in 2 minutes maximum per nail, also we will use materials that will surely have in our collection of colors, so without further start with the material to fill:

Owl Nail Designs Step By Step

* Varnish desired colors, in this case we will use as an example the blue owl so we'll use varnish pastel blue, light blue, yellow, orange and black.
* Gloss transparent, gloss or whatever you have on hand to seal their work.
* A toothpick, an extra thin brush, etc.

Now that we have the material to work with our design of owls, proceed to the preparation:

* Generate the body of the owl with pastel blue filling the entire nail except "crescent" for those who do not know which is the lunula is the white part of the nail, i.e. the entire nail is one color and then changes color generating a kind of white moon.
* After a yellow make the eye area, enough with a drop.
* With a toothpick proceed to make eyes with black color; we only make a small point.
* Now take our light blue paint and do the belly owl.
* We let dry a few seconds and do the peak with stick and orange glaze.
* Again we had our stick and some dots on Tummy owl.
* To complete our design we will again stick and dive into the orange varnish then draw little legs owl.

As you can see easily the development only require a little patience if we are not leaving the drawing on the first try.

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