March 3, 2015

Stripes Nail Art Designs, How To Paint Easily

Perhaps you have already tried to draw lines, boxes or other forms on your nails and you have not gone well nor getting despair. The Nail Art there always tricks and techniques to make any design on your nails. Therefore, we will explain you step by step and you can do it from home, Stripes Nail Art Designs, How to Paint easily on your feet and hands.

Stripes Nail Art Designs, How To Paint Easily

An advice we give you is you have available time. It is no more complex decorated nails, but if you need a bit of your patience for your manicure or pedicure looks professional.

The first thing to do is prepare all necessary materials. In this case the only imperative is:

* Nail colors you want to combine
* Fist tape or tape.
* Scissors
* Transparent enamel, gloss or Top Coat.

Stripes Nail Art Designs
Stripes Nail Art Designs

Once you've filed, cut and hydrated your nails as usual, the steps are:

* Add a base color to your nail.
* Let dry enamel. This step is very important! If it does not dry well was take off with fist in the next step. We advise you to paint your nails a few hours before starting to draw the lines.
* Cut the strip thickness fist wants the lines.
* Place the strips carefully on the nail. You can draw the picture that you want, in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.
* Other color paints with a second layer of polish to your nail. Try also painting above to remove fist to leave no imperfection.
* Remove gradually fist or tape.
* Your nails should already have a design with lines, so the only thing you need is to dry a bit and give the last layer with Top Coat or gloss to make your manicure last longer.

As I commented on another occasion, you can also draw perfect lines with Striping Tape. It is a machine that contains thin strips of colors, which you can paste into your nails. The result would like image.

striped nail art designs

We will explain first the easiest way to paint your nails pictures. The steps are:

* Applies a basis to your nail polish and wait to dry well.
* Cut two strips of fist or tape and glue in a cross as pictured.
* Place the nail fist freeing the part you want to paint and enamel applicable this piece of another color.
* Once dry, do the same to draw the picture of the opposite corner (if you use new fist avoid that spoil your base enamel).
Stripes Nail Art Designs 3

Another way to paint pictures on your nails

We recommend this other way to draw pictures on your nails more complex, such as a set of chess or lozenges (for this you just have to draw the squares diagonally)

two Stripes Nail Art Designs

It is traced with fist or tape the pictures on the nail (you can also use French manicure bands as in the video whenever they are straight). Then you must paint a second layer above the strips with different color enamel and once dry strips removed carefully. Remember that we always advise you finish your manicure with nail polish for a more perfect and lasting result.

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