February 16, 2015

Trendy Spring Nail Art Designs 2015

As in clothes that are fashionable changes every season, the theme of nails also happens. Trends in nail arise from various sources, from worn by models on the catwalk Spring Summer collections, colors offering leading cosmetics and beauty brands in the world, and what fashion bloggers, bloggers or bloggers video tutorials DIY Make yours in the real world. Whatever be the inspiration, for which the meters decide nail polish in such form or color, is a fact that we can see patterns, if you want a nail fashion this season we can suggest you watch this trendy spring nail art designs 2015.

White nails with decorations:

White nails with decorations

The trend comes in rounded nail or spike, a little long, can decorate the base, tip or add materials and textures.

Metallic Nails:

Metallic Nails
Brighten your hands with metallic glazes; the gradient evolved metallic texture with glitter, metallic nude tone is super chic.

Nails with crescents:
Nails with crescents

Whether in high contrast, in matching colors or unpainted spaces crescents are the main characters of this season.

Nails with stripes:
Nails with stripes

The stripes this spring became summer, after seeing last year in black in all possible ways and white, we now see a minimalist, either in ultra thin or thick line but in the middle of the nail.

Nails in white:
Nails in white

White not only comes decorated, but also smooth and short nails, you can also mix it with the trend of the crescent to create a French manicure head.

Natural nails with glitter:
Natural nails with glitter

For daily, clean and fresh look opt for a well smoothed nails and a naked or only with glitter tone, if you want to make them more interesting can add fine details at the tips.

Nails pastel colors:
Nails pastel colors

Spring brought pastel colors this season, looking pinks, purples, blues and mints to include in your collection of enamels.

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