February 16, 2015

Short Nail Art Designs with Flower Decoration

To all of us tend to like flowers, that are a symbol of purity and life, they are also ideal for any occasion because you can create thousands of different designs: infantles, fresh, sophisticated, sensitive, funny, romantic, etc. These design, Short Nail Art Designs with Flower Decoration can be the most feminine and delicate.

Short Nail Art Designs with Flower Decoration

This design with flowers requires some precision, but still is easy to do if you arm yourself with patience and not try to do it on the fly. The good takes time and this decoration too. Pay attention!

To carry out the design we recommend using a basis Bathrobe Cashmere Autumn Collection Essie. This is a gray with a silver glitter very nice. To do this you need a manicure brush and dotting tool. First draw a circle with dots and then the brush paints in the moon as shown in the photo.

To finish can make a point in the center to look like a margarita, but if you want to give a touch of elegance at this time is best to leave it as is. Finally, do not forget to apply a layer of top coat for shine and durability design. What flowers do you like best?

If you want you can leave us a comment with any review to publicize other short nail art designs with flower decoration. We will be happy to know your opinion and share it with our readers.

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