July 9, 2015

Latest Trends of Nail Fashion Design

Our hands are one of the smallest details that manage to give a picture of us. That's why today we present the latest trends in textures and finishes for nail design look so spectacular hands.


Decorating techniques

There are a variety of techniques to decorate our nails, some are simple and some very complicated. Discover the latest decoration techniques and give a cool touch to your nails!

Nails velvet effect

Nails velvet effect.JPG

An elegant and very strong for this year is definitely style velvet or plush effect. The technique involves covering the nail with an enamel layer and then apply powder felt or velvet. It is very simple because already sell the kit to achieve this design contains a bottle of powder velvet tweezers to place it on the nail and a brush to remove excess powder when applying.

Nails with studs

Nails with studs.JPG

For this purpose it is also known as rockers nails and just need a good base enamel in an attractive color, mini studs, Dotting tool '(a stick can also be used). Paint your nails with the bases, then put a coat of clear varnish and go placing the studs one by one according to the decoration you want. Since you have all stuck, waiting for it to dry completely varnish and put one or two able above to ensure that the beads are firmly attached.

Nails with napkins

Nails with napkins.JPG

Quite the decoupage style, ie, it is a technique of decoration in the printed papers stick to furniture of different materials such as wood, cardboard and this time your nails. All you need; Choose a nice design a paper towel, cut pieces the size of your nails. The way to bond with your nail design is simple. You just have to help with nail polish and place the pieces of napkin on each of your nails.

Nails with salt

Nails with salt.JPG

A design that is very nice, all you need is: white glitter, pastel nail polish color and a top layer of lacquer. First you paint in a solid color for each nail, then apply clear nail polish after the colored glaze has dried completely. Then pour some iodized salt on a piece of paper, and you're going to use this as a funnel to pour over each. Removes excess salt brush and go.

Nails with water

Nails with water.JPG

Better known as marbling or marble water, is a very easy technique. First paint your nails a white base, then fill a glass of water, pour glaze colors you've chosen dropwise with a stick draws on the surface, dip your nails one by one, let it dry and remove the excess with cotton. Although there are many tricks to perform this effect, this is one of the simplest. Try and dare to try a new style!

Nails kind caviar

Nails kind caviar.JPG

This well marked this season, as the name trend says are nails with caviar effect and to achieve this is easy because already come kits Caviar Manicure comes in three different colors: the elegant black, classic white and multicolor alternative This effect will give

color trends

The color on your nails make a difference, they are also the perfect accessory to match any outfit. Discover the latest tones for nails!



For the night dive or special events these colors are ideal, reds, pinks, golds are what today. Do you expect, lets wonder who I surrounded you with spectacular nails!



For those who love the simple yet sophisticated matt tones are the best option because even if they seem simple discrete make your nails but with a touch of sophistication and care.



If you're a conservative woman these shades are ideal for you especially for work because they are discreet yet elegant. Besides these tones never go out of style and will suit any outfit.



Gold, silver, red, blue, etc. They are tones which the best known cosmetic brands have chosen them. Flashy sophisticated but at the same time, are the latest fashions.



With these colors definitely you called attention this season is marked by warm, fluorescent and very, very bright colors. Orange, green, yellow, pink, etc. Ideal for the hot season and to feel fresher.



The cakes and light colors are long gone, so today is strong colors and highlighting eg black, green, violet, among others. They are elegant, sophisticated and very bright colors ideal for this season.

Over the years the trends for hair, makeup and nails are transformed and innovate, but do not forget that fashion what fits you. Enjoy these decorations and dare to choose the one that goes with your style.

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