February 14, 2015

Simple Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

New designs for short nails that will be in season is going between the dramatic and the youth -sport. The nail polishes that will be used are between pearly colors very vibrant. Learn step by step how to make simple nail art designs for short nails of Fashion and flaunt anytime.

What first comes to mind, perhaps, are --roses floral tones, oranges and yellow --, but we cannot forget all the fruit varieties or make reference to the --red, green nature, blue -- for add a touch even more fun to our manicure. Moreover, highlights are essential for more chic to our nail art look.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Simple Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

For the results that are almost identical to those obtained by a professional, here are a few methods that will help you splendid show them off.

* Lest sleeves cuticles to paint your nails using nail little to form a thin layer thereon. Paint your nails from the middle and enamel extends vertically. You must follow one direction and try not to get dirty cuticles.
* If you stain your nails while you pints is not the fault of the glazes. The problem is the lack of habit of not using base for your nails. The function thereof is to protect the nail. It is advisable to rest your nails from nail changes.
* To make the nail polish does not apply yourself treated quickly of very thick layers of it and wait for each coat to dry before applying another peel. This also applies to the base.
* If your glaze is thickened by being too old, then throw it. Try to use fresh glaze and cover them well so that this does not happen; you can also store the jar in your refrigerator. Just with a little practice you will learn to apply yourself thin layers of enamel smoothly.
* To avoid bubbles when applying the enamel is not shake the bottle top to bottom are formed; do it horizontally between your hands.
* For your nails do not break or scales with ease of vita contact with water, bleach, or detergents. Use plastic gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house; or even apply your creams and oils with vitamin E.
* If they are lines on the nails do not worry, they are normal and increase with the passage of time. You can file them gently with special files called buffers in many countries.
* If your cuticles are dry, humectarlas with hand cream. All times you can apply your cream, especially after washing your hands.

Several manicurists not recommend cutting the cuticles because soon they will grow harder and thicker. Also are exposed to contamination and infections of the skin.

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