May 26, 2015

How to do lace nails

Nails with decorative lace are ideal for special events, like a wedding or for a night out. Its effect is very glamorous, with a dramatic touch if you use dark colors. If you prefer pastel colors, you get a manicure romantic and very feminine. Best of all, you can do it easily if you are the type who does not have much pulse when making drawings on the nails. Discover how to make them in a few simple steps.

How to do lace nails. The easiest way to get your nails shaped lace is cut small pieces of this tissue. You can buy lace ribbon in black or color you like best, and then combine them with your nail. Apply the polish on the nail first. You can put the lace before it dries, so that it sticks, or put it after the fabric and apply a layer of transparent glaze that set and provide gloss to the nail. Have you ever heard both the end of the nail as throughout. When you paste, you can cut the tissue on.

If you are the type who prefers to paint, you can find very detailed tutorials that tell you how to make different patterns that mimic lace. With brushes and patience, you will achieve amazing effects. In addition, another possibility is that you use stickers, you can find in stores like eBay, to put on your nails. This will give a manicure to go have holidays and that will surprise everyone.

With regard to colors, it can be very varied. However, the best effects are achieved on red background with black lace and pink background with black or white lace. If you choose another color, the effect will be more fun, like emerald green or blue Klein. Always choose colors that contrast with the lace, to see the effect is good.

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