February 14, 2015

Top 12 Cute Nail Art Designs

If you love to experiment with nail polish, French manicure and styles such as acrylic or natural nails, then we have a surprise for you. The design nails have become fashionable and the reality is that when it comes to colors, sizes, shapes and styles, all is fair. Therefore, these are Top 12 Cute Nail Art Designs that cannot be missed.

1. Kiwi nail art Designs

Kiwi nail art Designs

If fresh designs will go best with your style, surely nails with kiwi designs are an excellent choice, with bright green and touches of black and white blend perfectly with casual outfits.

2. Designs Flowers
Flower nail art Designs

Other nail art designs that stand out much in sight thanks to the number of colors, are the floral. With this option your nails call everyone's attention. They are very loaded for people who like more striking styles ranges.

3. Designs Mariners
Mariners nail art Designs

There are other creative ways to spice up your nails. One of the most popular designs are the sailors, they are more discreet than other styles and combine with many outfits, from the most casual to some slightly more formal.

4. Abstract Designs
Abstract nail art Designs

If you do not like spending hours deciding the patterns you will use on your nails, we recommend abstract designs. They do not require perfection in applying the varnish, so they are easier to implement and less disastrous in terms of color and finish.

5. Lyrics nail art Designs
Lyrics Nail Art Designs

For more patient and meticulous, nails with letterforms are ideal: they require a little more time for the results worthwhile, so we recommend you try it when dispongas some extra minutes.

6. Halloween nail art
Halloween nail art Designs

On special occasions such as costume parties or Day of the Dead, a fun choice are nails with Halloween designs, with which you can go very in tune with the festivities and fill your nail color.

7. Christmas Designs
Christmas nail art Designs

In line with the festivities, nails with Christmas designs are also very hackneyed, you can use discrete or most outrageous designs combining different colors or tones.

8. Designs of Superheroes
Nail art Designs of Superheroes

Do you like colorful and asymmetric styles? We have an excellent suggestion, now that superheroes are fashionable; nails with these reasons are too. These designs are a very original way to highlight the colors in your hands.

9. Designs Converse
Converse nail art Designs

If you prefer the simple combinations of two colors, Converse nail art Designs are a very young and original alternative. You can use the color you like and combine it with white, so you play these famous shoes.

10. Designs Flag
Flag nail art Designs

When we use several styles and colors nails with flag designs go very well, because we can combine lines, shapes, symbols, colors, etc. Yes, patience is required to achieve a good result.

11. Designs Zebra
Zebra nail art Designs

For those who love the animal print, Zebra nail art Designs have a discreet but very innovative option. The French manicure is a more original touch that is sure to appeal to all without exceeding the colors or shapes.

12. Lace Designs
Lace nail art Designs

For girls looking nails with very discreet and simple designs make our final recommendation can be taken out of the dilemma. Nails with lace designs are perfectly suited to any style, because without being scandalous remain original.

Remember that the most important nail design is knowing how to play with colors to match your clothes, your skin tone and eyes. Despite these Top 12 Cute Nail Art Designs, Nail designs are a very original way to give a unique touch to your personality and should behave as an accessory to your outfit every day.

Already know these nails with designs? What nail designs is your favorite?

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