February 13, 2015

Cool Nail Designs for Short Nails

Girls who have short nails also have to available thousands of designs that may look hands well arranged and beautiful. Needless include many details that nails look pretty and follow trends in nail art. In the following article uncommon we show you some interesting ideas that you will get Cool Nail Designs for Short Nails. Do not miss it!

Cool Nail Designs for Short Nails

Polka dots short nail design

A design for short nails easy to do and is this trendy decoration with polka dots and bows in black and white.
You can combine both designs on your nails or wear them only moles or ties, as you like. To achieve this, you need only paint your nails with a white enamel and make polka dots and ties black and with the help of a very fine brush glaze. The bonds may be a little more complicated, but simple ways of drawing is to first two triangles and mark a point in the center to unite, Ready! Your nails will look beautiful with a very youthful look.

French manicure
French manicure for short nail

On short nails can be a great option to wear designs original and surprising, like you see in the image. Always you can opt for the classic French manicure or try new decorations in different colors. To do this, you just have to apply light pink or pale peach enamel for the base and, once it is dry, paint the edge of nail polish with a pink or fuchsia color you like. Finally, make the dots with a glaze black and with a very fine brush.

If you like prints, you can now incorporate your short nails. You'll find plenty of designs for prints striped, checkered, floral, animal print, etc. are the last trendy nail art. If you do not have much skill, the patterns are difficult to capture on nails, so we can always resort to beautiful nail stickers. Just glue on the nail and apply a coat of gloss to set good design.

White polka dots short nail design

The design for short nails with white polka dots is also an excellent alternative. As shown in the picture, only we need two different glazes: one for the base color more we like to paint and white moles. You will need a brush more drawing fine white polka dots and make you stay nicest, cool nail designs for short nails.

You can also bet on originality and look d├ęcor short nails without base color. This that we show in the picture has a beautiful design with flowers made with enamel colors like pink, green, black and white. Just do the drawing you like with the help of a fine brush and, above all, waiting for it to dry. Complete the enamel so that the final result is expected.

Floral prints for short nail

Here we show another design with flowers, but in this If, based on color. Short nails can also look very pretty with prints like this that also provide them a fresher look and fun. You can do many color combinations, but ensures that if the flowers are in light colors, it is preferable to paint the base with a darker to show up and conversely enamel. Need a fine brush to draw the flower petals and point the center.
Glamorous short nails design

And, of course, the most daring can decorate their nails trimmed with transgressors enamels that give a glamorous touch to your holiday outfits. How Come see in the image, nails with a gold tone look very impressive and completely different texture.

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