March 7, 2015

New Trend Acrylic on Nails

Clean hands and beautiful nails is what we all want, but due to lack of time or busy by the job, whether by the study it is impossible to devote the time that we would use to care of our nails. Perhaps we have a problem when nails are not strong and we break right away or spoil quickly. However this problem has solutions and one of them is getting acrylic on nails.

But what are acrylic nails?

For those women who do not know, acrylic on nails are extensions that make our natural nail with a powder mixture of acrylic (Polymer) and a liquid called Monomer. They are artificial nails. Extensions can be of two types: carved i.e. a mold or a tip nail is created from plastic. The former is more durable compared to the second. In my opinion, sculpted extensions look more natural than the latter.

How we can put acrylic on nails and how long time?

The estimated time to put acrylic nails is two hours. If you cannot put at home, it is necessary just to go to a specialized center if what you want to have is a beautiful and long nails. Now, as I said there are two types of extensions. The second is the tip yes it can do at home, buying utensils. But for this you need time and do not last long. However if you choose sculpted extensions, it will be for a long period. They are not disposable. Every 15 or 21 days shall be filled; this depends on the speed of nail growth.

For sculpted extensions you have to go to the same person or center where you got to remove them. We should not try this at home because we can hurt the natural nails. If we want to remove the polish we have to do it with a non-acetone nail polish remover because acetone mars acrylic.

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