February 22, 2015

How to decorate your nails with water

Do you want an original and different nails?  Now you can get it with something as simple as water. You just need a glass of water, tape and nail polish. With these tools you can create the forms you want quickly and easily and stamp them on your nails to bring a unique decoration. If you like nail art and want to know how to decorate your nails with water, read in this article are the steps you must follow to get this decoration as singular.

Instructions How to decorate your nails with water

The first thing to do before you decorate your nails with water is prepare and protect applying a hardener or shine. Then, for the water effect remains nicer, paint your nails with a white base or other light-colored paste with glazes you go to select for decoration.

Then, prepare a glass of water for decoration and nail enamel, choose colors that you like. You can select two, three or all you want. We have chosen three shades of blue to show you how to decorate your nails with water.

Once you have prepared glass and selected colors, cover your fingers with tape to prevent staining of enamel. This step is very important because you have to put your fingers in the water and if you do not cover, it will be totally stained. Surrounds the entire nail with tape.

Then take one of the glazes and drop a drop of water. You will see that extends and barely distinguish color, do not worry is normal. Have another nail and drops another drop on the previous one. Repeat this step with the glazes you want and whenever you want, the more drops, more colors will look on your nails.

When you have all the drops in the water, take a toothpick and takes the picture you want. You can try to make flowers, stars, hearts, etc., or simply draw abstract forms as we have done ourselves. You see, this is a totally different way of painting nails but very simple.

You can put the amount needed for a single nail, or expand to fill the glass drops of water to all the nails. Once you have the set, introduces the nail on the drawing, while the nail is submerged in water, take the stick and removes remaining enamel surrounding the finger. Then, remove the nail of water.

When you withdraw the nail of water you'll see that the set is completely printed on it. Now all you have to do is remove the tape and wait for it to dry. Where are all completely dry, apply a coat of gloss to unify all the nail art and make the water look more beautiful effect.

And presto! In a few minutes you will have a decorated with precious and very original water nails. As you see this is a simple decoration that does not require expensive materials, but makes things we have at home. If you like nail art, we recommend that you look at how to decorate your nails with sailor stripes and how to decorate nails with tape

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